Monday, September 03, 2007

Tonight is the final sleep before school starts...

Stel has 5 more sleeps until the Canuck Place Adventure Challenge. He feels about as ready as he can be, Saturday morning he went for his final bike training up the mountain.

We had lots of fun camping at Golden Ears Provincial Park. Stel left us there Friday evening and so he could go to training and returned later Saturday afternoon. The kids had lots of fun. B enjoyed cutting the wood and he and I enjoyed playing games in the evenings after S and I were sleeping. He loves exploring and climbing around in the woods as well as some swimming in the lake. S enjoyed his time as well and of course loved the 4 wheel driving. Baby I did very well except with the walking on the road. She loved the lights!!!She had fun on the beach and talking to every dog in the campground!! We were prepared for any weather this time so a little rain didn't affect us and we had a great time. The tent clean-up... getting all the air out!

S got the coolest new thing.... It's called the I-Gallop. I am not able to post video for some reason but it looks weird but way too cool. It is exactly like riding a horse, is actually meant for adults as a core and abs exerciser but is awesome for S. He used to ride horses but they wouldn't let him once he became dependant on oxygen and he is doing so well on it. B loves it and both Stel and I have tried it and it really is like riding a horse and Baby I will tolerate it for short times if we hold her hands.

We will let you know next week how the triathlon goes. Thank you so very much to everyone who has sponsored Stel.

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