Wednesday, August 29, 2007

August is almost over already, where has the summer gone.....

Stel is continuing to enjoy his training, less than 2 weeks till Adventure Challenge day!!! Yesterday he did a bit of everything, its tough and oh my, very challenging, but he is enjoying it. Ok, yes he is exhausted, but he said a good exhausted!!All i can really say is.... I sure hope that brush was not a return item as she called it her toothbrush!!! At one point she had all the plungers out!!

We got to spend some time with our adorable niece's at our house. It was so great to see them and they seemed to enjoy playing. Baby I still talks about them, I think she likes saying their names!! They had so much fun running around on the trampoline. It's too bad Japan is so far away!

The kids and I have been keeping busy too...
We spent a day up on Grouse Mountain. B climbed up the mountain from the mid point and followed a deer a wee bit. I and S stayed down as they couldn't get up there. The lumberjack show is always entertaining and S and B liked riding the chairlift and seeing the views.
We spent a day at the PNE, fun, hot and crowded as usual. The kids love the super dogs, they enjoyed some rides and wandering. S and B LOVE the log ride, especially getting splashed and B LOVED the crazy wild mouse mini roller coaster (which I think is scarier than the big roller coaster!!).
We ventured out to Castle Fun park which B has now renamed to Castle No Fun park, but at least we tried!!
We have actually seen a couple movies recently which is a change for us, B was bugging us to see Mr.Bean so we did that. B Loved is, we all enjoyed it actually. We also saw Daddy Day camp on a rainy day. B enjoyed it, thats all I can say about that one...We've also been up at golden ears provincial park on and off all week in between B's hockey in the mornings. we are camping this weekend and praying for no rain!! Stel will be up part of the time, B is so excited....he has been wanting to camp since before summer began.

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4ever29 said...

Sounds like a great ending to a very busy summer for you guys!