Sunday, January 27, 2008

Snow Day

Today began with a wee bit of snow and a lot of ice. B and I headed to the rink for 2 games at 2 different rinks and snow coming down and really hard driving. After his second game (which we missed half of due to trecherous driving) there was more than a foot of snow outside and way more now. We headed to Cobbs and Safeway then maneuvered around stuck cars to make it home. I will just say .....Thank God for four wheel drive!!

Baby I had some fun playing in the snow but couldn't walk, there was just too much. She did decide she liked eating it. B and a couple friends also had fun. They made a huge snow ball, bigger than them, they couldn't even climb onto it on their own!! also couldn"t move it anymore, even with 4 adults helping...S didn't get a chance to enjoy the snow today, he hasn't been awake this weekend, he is having big big problems with his hip again and is not well right now. Possibly tomorrow he will be able to see it.
Baby I continues to love going to Ballet class, after Ballet we head to hockey, Baby I wanted to make sure B's team was on the scoreboard!!!!

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