Friday, January 04, 2008

We went skating with some of the Canucks tonight.
S loves being pushed around and going really fast. Sami Salo got him going really fast on the ice. He was soo excited. B pushed him around also and s was just so excited. Then B's buddy from the Island arrived and they had loads of fun till it was time to go home.
Baby I was on baby skates tonight for the very first time. She was ok walking in them on the ground... but once she hit the ice - not soo happy
I think we'll wait till she fits actual skates instead of these things
She did not love then, if the video turns out what she is saying is help help help.... Ok so i couldn't upload the video for some reason, but it was cute, you'll have to come over to see it now instead!! Once we took the skates off she had blast, but we should have kept the helmet on though!!! her poor head.

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