Saturday, May 16, 2009

As time goes by...

It was recently brought to my attention that this was in dire need of an update...
Sixteen and a half weeks have gone by and though Sebastian is always in our thoughts and heart, we are keeping busy with Bentley and Isabelle's activities and work. We keep fresh flowers on the shelf with his hand molds and miss him terribly.

Bentley is in a Lacrosse tournament this long weekend, today he was unanimously voted "MVP" - way to go!! He played a spectacular game,
Two hours after his lacrosse game he was at his hockey game and again he played fantastic. He was on fire today!! We'll have to see if he is still on fire when we arrive at his first of two lacrosse games at 7am tomorrow!!!!!
After the game!!! just goofing around waiting for the coaches to unlock the dressing room!!!

Isabelle is sure growing up before our eyes!! She is back in her ballet and tap classes. They are preparing for their recital later in June! She has gotten quite an attitude recently and become quite difficult.
Over the past few weeks she has been home from daycare/pre-school because we heard that a child had lice and we REALLY do not want them. No one else has had them but now she is afraid to go back she doesn't want the bugs!!! It has been working out ok, i have been working many mornings and Stel afternoons so either i get home in time or he drops her off at work with me(which she loves!!).
Isabelle loves the swings and the higher the better!!!
She really liked watching all the baby goslings and this parent didn't mind as long as she kept her distance!! The day after she and Stel biked back to see them and she thought it was so fun as she watched them cross the road and cause a bit of a traffic issue!!

I have been having a few health issues and hoping that its under control now, Stel has been struggling with a bad cold but we just keep on....
Well thats some of what's being going on in our house...


Ms.L said...
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Ms.L said...

WTG Bentley!
Ick,lice. Jig had them when she was 5 and it wasn't as horrible as I thought. I had to laugh though,homeschooled kid with lice.
I thought for sure we'd never get them! She thought of them as little pets,weird kid.

Your life sure sounds busy,full
of fun activities. My kids would be jealous,lol
I enjoyed your update,I've been
thinking about you guys lots.