Monday, June 22, 2009

This was a busy weekend of lasts for the season

He had his last game of lacrosse Saturday morning, we are not sad that the season is now over for another year!
Sadly though, he had his last spring hockey game, he wishes that this would continue all summer till regular season! He and his team worked very hard all season and won 11 out of 12 games, way to go!! He is also finishing up his last days of school for the summer.

she is finishing up her ballet. She had her dress rehearsal Sunday with the final recital next Saturday and Sunday.
There will be no more driving here and there for practices until mid August!

We went to the lake last weekend. Bentley asked Isabelle if she would like to go for a ride with him in the kayak she wanted too. The kids enjoyed the day of swimming and playing -- we had a difficult time getting them out of the water!They love the water

This week marks 22 weeks since Sebastian passed away and he is always in our thoughts and hearts. Isabelle insists on buying a helium balloon whenever she sees them at a store - she lets go of them and watches them as they disappear into the sky and talks about how happy Sebastian is as he catches them - these little things make her so happy. All in all they seem to be doing quite well considering what they went thru for all their lives.

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Ms.L said...

Kids are amazingly resilient,aren't they? They never,ever fail to inspire or amaze me.

I love the photos!
Are you guys going to have more time to relax now with everything finishing up or are you going to
fill your days with more fun stuff
for the summer? I always enjoy reading about your adventures!