Thursday, August 20, 2009

Oh No summer is almost over!!

Wow, I can't believe school is only a short couple weeks away!!! This year summer has flown by and we don't know what has filled the days but I guess they were filled.

Just a few short weeks away Stel will once again be participating in the Canuck Place Adventure Challenge triathlon, thank you so much for supporting him. It will surely be a tough day for us all but what an amazing cause to support!!!!

Bentley has been in a goalie camp this week and has been working hard. His hockey try-outs start in 3 short days, hope he is ready!!!Out flying a kite with his buddy at the Centennial Bach in Tsawwassen. Super windy and perfect kite flying weather.

Isabelle passed her swimming lessons, we are so proud of her!! she is the little pink arms on the right getting ready to do her rocket ship!!
She also learned how to paddle all by herself - way to go girl

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Ms.L said...

WoW! Paddling all by herself!
I just learned that this week,lol
It's hard work,good for her:)