Monday, September 07, 2009

1 more sleep till school....

Summer holidays are officially over tonight.... back to the morning routine - oh no!!!
Summer has been ok, really felt wrong without Sebastian with everything we were doing. We didn't do nearly as much as we usually did but I think it was ok with the kids. Isabelle talks constantly about Sebastian and death. Its been 32 1/2 weeks....
Stel's race is just a short 5 sleeps away.... sure hope he is feeling ready!

For the long weekend we took the kids camping out past Princeton in the tiny town of Coalmont on a very rustic forestry campsite... yup a lot more nature than i am used to when camping!!! exploring the ghost town of granite city the last full standing building left... Quite interesting for Bentley looking around what is left o f an old city. Saw the very old cemetary and the read about the Madam of the ghost town. Bentley ding some Gold Panning along the riverIsabelle enjoying some fishing...Stealing a brownie!!!Up at the Coal Mines Fossil Hunting up at the minesThey found s whole bunch of fossils - had a great time digging around and finding amazing fossils.
The OMG we are not going to make it down this mountain drive!!!!! It had rained in the night and a bit of the morning and coming down this mountain was quite trecherous!She LOVES Dirt Biking and Quadding now - we thought she would be scared and not go but wow she couldn't wait to go again!!! She said she is going to ask santa for one, oh no... but a couple days earlier she was going to ask santa for some strawberry shortcake dolls, lolThey found us a new House!!!!We stopped at Manning Park on our way home, I used to camp with my grandparents there each summer, sure brought back some great memoriesthe often unseen SMILES!!It was extremely cold, but we stopped and explored and wondered around anyways!!!

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