Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Hi, here we are again....
We will be trying to paint the house possibly thursday and/or friday morning (or saturday if we need too) and picking up the moving truck friday mid-day to move back into the house. So if anyone is bored and wants to drop by.......

S is doing quite well considering he cannot really move or do all that much. Baby I was so happy to finally be able to be on the bed with S here in the picture she is giving him lots of kisses.

We are staying at our very awsome friends right now, their home of six is now a huge home of 11!!! We have had our fun.... Suzanne and I ventured into the toilet with an Auger to try fishing a flushed fisher price little person through to the sewer! Thanks guys its very much appreciated - I don't go and get Augers for just anyone!

B went to the first Canucks vs Dallas hockey game, he had a great time!!! Way to go Canucks for moving on to the next round --- Hooray

Baby I during her EEG. She looks like such a big girl sitting there!! She did such a great job, even fell asleep when she was supposed too.

We had a long 9 hour wait while S was in surgery. Amusing her was not always the easiest, but she did enjoy listening to her music!! She had lots of fun wandering around and buying a balloon

Well thats about all i've got right now, cheers


doubledouble said...

You handled that auger like a pro, I was proud to be at your side.

Magnificent M said...

I had to laugh at this!!! fisher price little people are the perfect size to JUST fit down the hole but to clog it all up. We had this experience when gorilla was 2 but item stuffed was a hairspray bottle and the auger didn't work at fixing the problem. Dh resolved it by smashing the toilet open in frustration after 3 attempts.

Glad to hear S is doing better, I've been praying for him!

(your new, temporary neighbor from down the street :-))