Friday, April 13, 2007

S had a pretty good day today. He is having some problems with some antibiotics so hopefully that will resolve quickly. He has to go back into the OR saturday, but that should be quick and done within an hour.

B really enjoys going to school here at the hospital, they really challenge him so he's sure been happy with school, but he was bored this afternoon so we'll have to get him outa here and having some fun over the weekend!!

Baby I loves the attention from all the nurses, especially when they take her out and around!!

Canucks lost tonight in game 2 of the playoff's, sure hope they are back and ready to play for sunday's game.

We think we may be able to leave tuesday, yipee, still working on where we will be headng though. Our house should be getting a new roof this week coming up , then the contractor should be able to get in and repair the ceiling everywhere. We are praying this will happen early in the week so we can get in the house soon. its been a long time!!

Hope all is well with you

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