Monday, April 16, 2007

S is doing quite well. We are hoping to get out of hospital Thursday now so that will be nice.

He is no longer able to eat due to some complications ofremoving a device from his chest. The wires were attached around an artery, the vagus nerve and to the vocal cord and the vocal cord is now not working on one side. we are hoping this is not permanent, but for now and the next many months for certain he will be on his feeding pump, poor guy . Stel and I went searching through the storage unit looking for his feeding pump and found it!!! We were feeling very good about ourselves for it felt like looking for a needle in a haystack. Sadly, it is not working properly, apparently from lack of use so I had to send it out for repair, sure hope that it is an easy fix and not incredibly expensive. I guess the good thing is we figured this out before we were out of hospital and desperate!!

We are all a bit tired, but it looks like the roofers should be putting a new roof on the house this week, keep your fingers crossed. Once they are done the inside guys can begin. We are so glad there are plans for repairing, but it sure has taken a lot out of all of us.

B and Baby I are doing very well, but I think they will be doing much better once we get out of hospital and have some space and freedom again. B loves school here but gets bored in the afternoons and Baby I wants to visit the nurses whenever possible!!!

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