Saturday, April 19, 2008

It's not going well

Sebastian is not doing well. His breathing has deteriorated over the last week or so until thursday and friday when it worsened rapidly. He now stops breathing and passes out. Typically if you stop breathing and pass out your co2 levels go up and your brain kicks in and you start breathing, unfortunatley Sebastian's brain does notalways rememeber to do this. Thursday and Friday he passed out a couple times each day, today it has happened many more times. In the past 1/2 hour it has happened twice, actually now 4 times in about 50 minutes. This is a huge increase...

Sebastian was admitted to children's hospital ICU Friday and transferred to Canuck Place this morning(saturday). The doctors hold no hope, and the ICU doctor transferred him here for end of life care. We do not know where this is going right now, but know that he is a fighter

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Gracie&Connor'sMama said...

oh my jennifer...

i know he is a fighter; more than any person i have ever met, your son is a fighter.

i'll call you later,