Saturday, April 26, 2008

A little update

The days are slowly going by and Sebastian is handling his new breathing issues with his typical strength and bravery. Tonight during a bit of awake time Stel took himout for a little ride on a very cool adapted bike. He looked so happy, unlike anything we have seen in the past long while, he was exhausted after this that he fell asleep pretty much as soon as he came in. To see that smile was so worth it. He is awake a bit more now and though he is still having breathing issues doing very well. We are hoping to bring him home maybe end of the week, which feels so great since last weekend we never would have believed we woulod ever bring him home again!

Oh my, with all thats been going on....I put a few squirts of ivory body wash in the tub for a few bubbles then once there was some water put the jets on for a bath. The bubbles overflowed the tub but they had so much fun and to see that smile on Ben was so heartwarming. He has had a difficult time. Today he had a hockey game and he did awsome so way to go!!!

Stel was planning to do the Canuck Place adventure challenge triathlon again this year but after all the outstanding help and support they have been giving us he is even more eager to help out. He is hoping to find a way to have Sebastian join him in some way if possible. He is again registered and in time his page will be better updated.

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