Tuesday, April 08, 2008

We are Home

Well, we are home, and so happy to be home.

S's hip is doing very good, he is still on antibiotics for the post surgery infection but pain wise he is doing great.
His stomach not working problem's are not resolved at all. He has a gj tube placed as well as a ng tube. This is the 5th Gj, they keep migrating to the stomach so this one does not have the extra port for the stomach which is causing extra challenges - this the NG tube had to be placed. Now his poor nose has a ng in and the oxygen. We are not anywhere near resolving this problem but we'll see as time goes what needs to be done.

B started his spring hockey league and seemed to have a good game Stel said. Lacrosse has also started up, this will be a bit of a challenge as we do not know all the rules yet.

Baby I has been sick again so we have a bit a lack of sleep due to her being up coughing and or throwing up. She is still loving ballet school, and started going to day-care a bit while S was in hospital. Apparently she can hold her own!! especially when anyone goes near the dollies.

Any of you prayers out there please keep our good friend Michele in your prayers. Friday she had a brain aneurysm leading the doctors to find a very large brain tumor. within hours she was in surgery with the hopes they got it all. She survived to the relief of us all, unsure of the future right now. She is 21 with a 2 1/2 year old at home and a great guy who is staying by her side in hospital.

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