Saturday, August 30, 2008

It's just a matter of days now before a new school year begins... I hope Bentley has a good year, tonight I checked the class list on the school front door, and if there are no changes he will be in a split class with a teacher I hear is good. Soo hoping his year gets off to a good start.

Today we went to the PNE. We haven't taken Sebastian to anything big like this in a long while, he did ok, but was a bit too much. As we walked around we thought how nice it would be to be in Disneyland again. Our friend met us there and it was great for Bentley to have someone with him. Rob, Stel and the boys went on the log ride together, Bentley was really happy Sebastian went on it, it was his only one and the sad part really was that despite his love for rides he really did not enjoy it. He did like some of the music, but it was all just a bit too much for him.

The reason for going today actually was Isabelle's little dance class was doing their performance today.The girls did a great job.
Rockband is a new favorite game here Bentley is amazing at guitar, I am starting to do really well on easy while he is doing hard!!