Tuesday, August 05, 2008

We headed up to Golden Ears Provincial Park for the long weekend. Once the rain stopped it was beautiful, hot and dry - perfect for camping! The kids had lots of fun and were great.Isabelle insisted on wearing her life jacket for the day of chilly and rain! it wasn't that much rain but when she fell down she was stuck, looked liked an upside down turtle that cannot get on its feet again, lol!Something very rarley seen and even more difficult to actually capture on camera - A Bentley smile! Sebastian also did well and for the most part seemed to enjoy himself.
Bentley loved the water, and spent hours playing around. Stel took Isabelle and Sebastian separatley for kayak trips around the lake. Bentley found the water a bit rough for going far, there were so many speed boats I think he felt a bit unstable but loved swimming.
Even camping Isabelle has to have her cheerios and milk!

We are heading into Children's Hospital for the week now for a whole bunch of testing and stuff for Sebastian. I am anticipating a long boring week for Isabelle and Bentley! Hoping for not too much complaining and at least we will have air conditioning for this super hot week!!